Your Jamaican Honeymoon Adventure

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It’s Our Silver Anniversary! And You Get the Gifts!


The year represents a landmark for Sterling Photography.  It is our 25th year in the wedding photography business.  To celebrate, the photographic artist, J.R. Sterling wanted to share something special with his wedding couples.  The gift had to be something big, something almost unbelievable, and most of all, something deeply personal.


In Search Of  The Perfect Gift


Over the years, he met many couples who needed help planning their honeymoon trips. He saw them attempt to both meet their budget and fit their style into pre-packaged honeymoon trips. In many cases, he knew the trips would fail to provide what the couples wanted beyond the traditional vacation amenities.  


He knew in his heart that they craved a unique honeymoon adventure.  How did he know this?  The answer is he hails from the exotic honeymoon destination of Jamaica.  

He realized that the best gift he could offer was at his finger-tips.  Because of his Jamaica family, friends and business associates, he can offer you a Jamaican honeymoon, unattainable by most couples.  You see, he realized that couples were planning trips without knowing the options of available accommodations that would fit their style.  Likewise, they did not know how to find the real culture and beauty of Jamaica.  Although Jamaica is a popular honeymoon destination, inside knowledge is necessary to fully explore those very special and secret places, and organize your time for maximum adventure..  


When you book one of Sterling’s top wedding packages, you will be given complimentary, exclusive accommodations in Jamaica.  This Sterling gift is included in either the “Sterling Collection,” the “Platinum Collection and the Signature Collection.  


These complimentary accommodations are private and generally unavailable to the average tourist or spring break crowd.  


For three nights and four days, you will stay at one of three gorgeous venues.  What fits your style?  …A private villa, overlooking the jungle and the sea?  …A private, romantic cottage in a lush garden?  …A convenient condominium?


Customizing Your Honeymoon Adventure


Not only does this Honeymoon Gift include the above complimentary accommodations for the couples who book Sterling Photography, but it also includes the services of a home town tour guide.  Your tour guide will help you find hidden places and secret adventures in the Real Jamaica.


No buses or taxis for you!  Your Gift also includes the services of a home town tour guide! He will act as a knowledgeable expert and will drive you to your destinations by car.  He will either escort you, wait for you or pick you up when needed.  You will enjoy your adventures with security and personalized attention, as well as sweet privacy when you want it.  


Discover The Beauty Of   The   Real Jamaica


You are probably aware, there are beaches, Jamaican rain forests and jungle terrain for you to explore.  But Jamaica is more than its tourist image.  Your Sterling Gift brings the couples of 2016 – 2017:  more culture…more history…more romance…more beauty…more adventure…


What Type Of Adventures Will You Choose To Explore?


Choose from over 40 historical land marks…Walk with the ghost of the old Seville House Plantation Mansion…Explore the ruins of mighty Forts of the buccaneers…Swim with Dolphins…Witness the making of rich, “Blue Mountain Coffee”…Zip-line across the canopy of the rain forest…Hike up the cliffs of stunning Mayfield Falls…Jump in the famous Blue Hole Mineral Springs…


Taste local cuisine with its distinctive Jamaican twists…Hear the happy voices of new Jamaican friends and the new rhythms of their music…See the rare dance of luminous Blue Mist across azure water in a velvet night…Smell the unique tropical flowers of the lush rain forest and gardens…Touch underworld mystery at the Green Grotto Caves…Drift on the magical White River on the Calypso bamboo river rafts, poled by your personal guide through the lush jungle…


This year, Sterling makes it easy to share a honeymoon adventure in his homeland, the Real Jamaica!


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Jamaica Honeymoon 4

Jamaica Honeymoon 5

Jamaica Honeymoon 6

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Tony says:

October 29, 2014 at 12:47 am

Awesome vacation!!!! never seen more beauty and culture on nay of my vacations!


Sarah velez says:

October 29, 2014 at 1:33 am

We had the time of our life in Jamaica! Mr sterling really knows how to turn a honeymoon into an adventure. It was nonstop fun, but relaxing at the same time. we got to see the real jamaica. mr sterling is so personable, he really showed us a great time. from the wedding photography to the honeymoon, i couldn’t be happier!


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